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idaYOGA in Hailey

8:15–9:15am All Levels
Gather Yoga Studio in Ketchum

12:00–1:00pm Yin/Restorative
Zenergy Health Club

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Zenergy Health Club

9:30-11am Intermediate/advanced
Gather Yoga Studio Ketchum

12:00–1:00pm Yin/Restorative
Zenergy Health Club

9:30–10:45am All Levels
Gather Yoga Studio in Ketchum


Cathie Caccia began her yogic studies in 1984 and was immediately captivated by the physical, energetic and philosophical aspects of the practice. Her most influential teachers include Rodney Yee, Rod Stryker, Judith Lasater and more. Cathie has extensive training in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Massage and began teaching in 1987. Cathie’s classes combine her love of Yoga, Chinese energetics and Sanskrit chanting to support her students in accessing their most essential nature. Cathie is registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 500, she teaches public and private classes, workshops and yoga teacher training. Cathie is a licensed massage therapist with over 1200 hours of training.



$95/hour private or semi private
$150/hour 3 or more students

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“In the spirit of Ha-tha, we must learn how to have one foot on the Sun, with our day-to-day business of living in the world, and one foot on the Moon, tending to the world of the psyche and the spirit.”—Bhavani Maki, The Yogi’s Roadmap

“Achieving the pose is not the point, it is simply a challenge that brings awareness to parts of the body and mind that are dull or unexplored.”—Patricia Walden

“As we make space, frozen structures melt, old patterns decrystalize, or to paraphrase Lao Tzu, the knots untangle of themselves. In the process, potent energies locked in the rigid structures are liberated to fuel the healing process.”—Lorie Eve Dechar, Five Spirits

“Don’t force yourself open. Wait for your unwinding core to invite you in. Release the dense, stubborn tissues that hold you bone to bone. Sense the soft organs that float inside the protective shell of your skeleton. Hear your body start to sing in it’s ancient language of sensation and emotion. Begin to excavate the relics of memory buried deep in this city of muscle, nerves and bones. Your body is made of stories. And with every breath, you will learn the present is made of the past.”—Anne Cushman, Enlightenment for Idiots

"The work of yoga is to coax the mind into letting go of the perceptions and ideas that keep it stuck, so it can expand and reveal itself as it really is. As vast creative Awareness. Pure light and ecstasy. An ocean of peace and power. The Self."—Swami Durgananda